Thunderstorm Preparation

Severe Weather Preparation

Spring and summer bring many things—blooming flowers, green grass, fun vacations, and thunderstorms. None of us look forward to the last item on that list. Thunderstorms often come with other threats like tornadoes, high winds, and flooding. Lightning alone kills about 50 people each year in the United States. The Red Cross says that thunderstorms kill more people each year than either tornadoes or hurricanes.

Thunderstorm damage preparation is serious business. Often, homeowners and businesses are under prepared for them. You can prevent severe storm damage with a few thunderstorm preparation tips like these.

Prepare Landscaping for Storm Damage

You must remove weakened trees and their branches. Regular inspection of the trees, large shrubs, and other landscaping will prevent serious storm damage to your home or commercial property. In a thunderstorm or other type of storm, a weakened tree could fall and cause extensive damage. Eliminate the potential for downed trees and branches by careful care taking.

Update Homeowner’s Insurance for Storm Damage

Make sure you are covered for thunderstorm damage. Does your insurance coverage meet your needs? If not, make adjustments. Worse than property damage from storms is finding out that you do not have adequate coverage to protect your residence or commercial property. Contact your insurance company to ensure you are fully covered for events like high winds, lightning strikes, and flooding.

Use Surge Protectors Before Thunderstorm Season

Electronics (your TV, appliances, computers, etc.) that are plugged in are susceptible to damage from the electrical surges a storm can cause. Often, electronics are some of the most valuable items in your home or business. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars down the road. Plug your electronics into a surge protector and the surge protector into the wall. That gives you an extra layer of thunderstorm protection.

Do you have emergency storm damage right now? Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is always available to help. Feel free to call us anytime at (844) 254-1480.  

Local Weather Reports and Emergency Alerts

Keep a weather radio or internet service on to listen for forecasts, watches, and warnings. Know the terminology. A thunderstorm watch means the weather is conducive to severe thunderstorms. A thunderstorm warning means a storm is occurring or will start soon and it poses a threat to life and property. In an emergency, this warning can be the difference between life and death during severe weather situations.

First Aid and Emergency Trainings

In Connecticut check out the available classes at Red Cross Training. Sadly, thunderstorms and severe weather don’t just cause storm damage to properties. Keep your family and community safe during events by getting trained in first aid and emergency response. You can make a huge difference if your community has been impacted by severe thunderstorm damage.

Educate Children on Storm Damage

Knowledge is power. Teach your children thunderstorm preparation. Be certain they know to come inside and stay inside whenever threatening weather (gray skies, thunder, heavy rains, lightning, etc.) approach. Teach them severe storm preparation and establish an emergency plan for your family. Everyone should know what to do during major weather events, including children.

What to do when power goes out?

Have plenty of flashlights and batteries available for thunderstorm preparation. Avoid using candles because an open flame during stormy weather can be dangerous. For proper thunderstorm preparation keep the flashlights where you can quickly find them even in the dark. Injury risks are high from simply not enough light during power outages.

Establish an Emergency Plan for Storm Damage Preparation

An emergency plan for thunderstorm preparation is essential. Does your family or colleagues know the drill? A safe place in a thunderstorm is an area in your home that’s away from windows and not in danger from falling trees. Often a windowless interior bathroom is a safe place. Create a written plan and keep others informed.

Severe Storm Supplies

A damaging thunderstorm may keep you from shopping for several days or longer. You may not have electricity. Have an emergency kit stocked with items like a weather radio, water, snacks, a flashlight, extra batteries, important phone numbers, and other essentials. Thunderstorm damage really leaves no time for preparation. It must be done prior to the event.

Emergency Weather Damage? Call in a Storm Reconstruction Team

If you are experiencing emergency storm damage, call in a professional. Sante Property Reconstruction is available 24/7 and loves our community as much as you do. We can reach you fast to stabilize and protect your home or business now. Don’t hesitate to call us for the best, top-rated storm damage services.

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