9 Old Home Reconstruction Mistakes to Avoid: Part 1

Older Home Reconstruction Mistakes

Facing an old home reconstruction project after a natural disaster is heartbreaking. We know exactly how overwhelming this process can be. We have expert tips on how to renovate an older home on budget and fast. Never hesitate to call in professional historic home contractors if you need them.

Older home reconstruction mistakes can be costly, exhausting, and heartbreaking when your house suffers major damage. Will your house be safe and comfortable again? The answer is yes. In fact, you can achieve an old home renovation that leaves you better off than before, if you avoid common reconstruction mistakes.

Our guess is your historic home wasn’t in perfect shape before the disaster and damage. Often, an older home has been just waiting for your dreams to come to life. If you can, look at this stressful moment as an opportunity to fully renovate an old home into your dream house. Our top tips to avoid mistakes in historic home reconstruction are below.

Mistake 1: Old home renovation without a plan

Old home renovations can go wrong fast if there’s no planning. Homeowners can easily feel overwhelmed by the ordeal and start cutting corners. By pausing and creating a sequential plan for home reconstruction after a disaster, you will save yourself so much stress and costs.

Step by step, you will see full results with a planned renovation schedule for the project you are facing. We firmly suggest preparing yourself before beginning old home reconstruction. Need advice? Private historic home contractors can help with the planning to avoid major mistakes.

Mistake 2: Not analyzing how to prevent future home damage

You had major storm damage once but what can do to try to prevent similar damage from happening again? Are there changes you can make to your historic home renovation to limit damage from future storms? That might include routing water away from the building, pulling trees, or considering using some hurricane-proof materials.

Was your insurance adequate or should you increase your coverage or buy a different type of coverage? What are the historic reconstruction experts in your area saying about how to best protect your home and your family from natural disasters common in your area? A full historic home reconstruction after disaster should include a plan that protects you from this just happening again. Worried? Professional home reconstruction contractors are available.

Mistake 3: Building an unrealistic reconstruction budget

In old house remodeling, you need to manage costs, but no level of management can make an unrealistic budget realistic. Invest the energy into creating a historic home renovation budget that’s realistic and cost effective. Have your budget reviewed by more than one reconstruction expert.

Old home rebuilding has unique complexities like environmental hazards and matching original materials and hardware. Plan for contingencies. Sante Property Damage Reconstruction often recommends adding at least 10% into your budget for unexpected expenses. Even with the best of planning, you should plan for surprises.

Old home reconstruction questions? Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is available to help. Feel free to call us anytime at (844) 254-1480.  

Mistake 4: Using cheap materials in old home rebuilding

You are renovating your home. This is the place you and your family will live. Mistakes in home reconstruction often includes going the cheap route. You don’t want to spend recklessly, but you want quality. Invest in renovation materials that last will pay off down the road.

When reconstructing an old home after disaster, consider the long term effects. For your home building renovation project choose paints and other materials that offer the highest durability and longevity. While this may not be the way you planned to renovate your older home, it is still the time to fully invest in historic reconstruction and remodeling.

See our next post for mistakes 5-9.

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