Hoarding: What It Is & Its Stages

What is Hoarding?

Are you facing hoarding issues? This complex situation usually involves a loved one, and it is a disorder. People suffering from hoarding issues hold onto things until their possessions become a major safety concern. Not only is hoarding a fire and health hazard, it causes severe emotional stress and lifestyle restrictions to the person suffering.

Hoarding is divided up into several stages. Understanding what you’re dealing with can be difficult, if not painful. If you need help, a hoarding reconstruction service can help you begin the emotional process of recovering from hoarding.

Hoarding Stage 3: Only Passageways through Rooms

At this stage the household of a person who hoards has large amounts of clutter. Items normally kept inside a home are outside. Two or more appliances are broken. There are many electrical extension cords, and there is light structural damage to the home.

The hoarder has multiple pets and the home contains pet waste with a strong odor, a light infestation of fleas, and audible evidence of insect or rodent infestation. Clutter is visible from the outside; there are only passageways through the rooms, hallways, and stairs. One room in the home is no longer functional. You may see broken glass, a heavily soiled food preparation area, soiled laundry throughout the home, and no evidence of recent hoarding reconstruction.

Do you have property damage from hoarding? Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is always available to help with kind and compassionate care. Feel free to call us anytime at (844) 254-1480.  

Stage 4 of Hoarding: Most Windows and Doors Blocked

Most doors and windows in this hoarder’s home are blocked or inaccessible. The home has structural damage resulting from faulty weather protection. Other common signs are nonfood items in the refrigerator, papers stored in the oven, damaged wallboard, and unsafe electrical wiring. Often, the number of pets the hoarder keeps exceeds local limits by four or more, and there is obvious aged animal waste. There is flea, rodent, or insect infestation; and bats, squirrels, or raccoons may be living in the home. Because the bedroom is unusable, the occupant lives in nontraditional living quarters in the home. You may see rotting food on counters or expired or bloating canned foods. Bedding may be infested with lice and there’s a long-term lack of any housekeeping.

Hoarding Stage 5: Structural Damage and No Utility Service

At this stage, a person who hoards has obvious structural damage to the home. Often you’ll find broken walls, no utility service, standing water in the basement, hazardous materials, and large quantities of contaminants (fuels, acids, or other chemicals). Pets may be vicious and endanger occupants and visitors. This hoarder’s household could have an infestation of insects, rodents, or snakes. All rooms including the kitchen and bathrooms are unusable. The occupant is unable to stay in the residence; and there is evidence of human defecation, rotting food, and multiple canned goods that are rotted or buckled. If you have encountered this situation, it is absolutely time to call in a hoarding reconstruction specialist. No one should have to face this alone.

Hoarding Reconstruction Help and Treatment

People who hoard are suffering. Sante Property Damage Reconstruction can help. We can work with any person who wants to store possessions and de-clutter their home. At no or little extra cost (compared to self-storage), Sante makes storage hassle free. Our trained professionals know how to work with people who hoard. For about the same price as self-storage, Sante can pick-up, catalog, store, and return your items for a monthly fee. Our storage boxes and pickups are free.

More importantly, a person who hoards can get help dealing with their condition. They can improve their lives and live in a healthier and safer way. For more information, research, and resources go to the Boston University School of Social Work’s pages on hoarding. Healing from hoarding issues is possible for you and your loved ones. Hoarding reconstruction is possible.

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