Choosing Wood for Building Construction Projects

How to Choose Wood for Construction Projects

Choose the type of wood you use for your building construction project based on the different qualities and strengths of the specific wood. Some varieties of wood are much more suitable than others are for building and wood construction projects. Wood naturally creates different solutions for different spaces. Some building wood can hold heavy loads while some cannot. Each wood building project will be unique and has a best choice.

One big advantages of using lumber and wood in building construction is that wood is a natural resource. That means it’s often readily available and an economical choice. Wood is remarkably strong in relation to its weight and provides good insulation from the cold. Knowing which type of lumber for your construction project is correct will save time and money. Take a look at our tips for construction wood and lumber below.

Hardwood or Softwood Construction?

Your first big choice is between using a hardwood (any leaf-bearing tree) or a softwood (any cone-bearing tree). Hardwoods include ash, elm, maple, and oak. Softwood trees include cedar, fir, and pine. Hardwood construction is often used for walls, ceilings, and floors. Softwood woodworking is commonly used to make doors, furniture, and window frames projects.

Before you begin your wood building construction project spend time investigating how easy that type of wood is to work with and how strong it is. Choosing the right wood from the start of your woodworking project will get you off on the right foot.


Softwoods Carpentry:

Cedar Woodworking Projects

Cedar wood and lumber has the quality of density and lightweight to make it an excellent choice in construction. It’s resistant to decay and the aromatic oil wards off insects. Cedar woodworking projects are an excellent choice for closets and wall coverings.

Cypress Carpentry Construction

Because cypress wood does not rot when exposed to extremely wet conditions, it’s a good choice for building outdoor furnishings, docks, or decks.

Fir Wood for Construction

Fir, especial Douglas fir, accounts for one fourth of all lumber produced and used in North America. Douglas fir is used in lumber, plywood, house logs and posts, as well as for firewood and fencing.

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Hemlock Wood Pros and Cons

The Eastern hemlock is not a top choice in the use of construction because the wood is full of knots. However, some builders praise hemlock because you can work it easily with hand or power tools and it grips screws and accepts all glues without a problem.

Pine Woodworking

Builders like to use white pine wood for many building construction projects from crafts to home construction. You’ll find pine wood is inexpensive, readily available, ranges from clear to knotty, and is a favorite choice for cabinetry, woodworking projects of all types and furniture.

Spruce Lumber Uses

The world contains more than 35 species of spruce trees so it’s a popular and easily accessible wood for building construction. Spruce wood use may range from wooden crate construction to indoor construction use in housing or furniture projects.


Hardwoods Construction Projects:

Ash Woodworking

Ash woodworking has the ability to be bent into a wide variety of shapes and is resistant to breaking or splintering under pressure. A popular use for this wood is in making baseball bats.

Birch Lumber Uses

Birch trees are found across most of the northern United States and Canada. Numerous cross-streaks and a thin papery bark make birch lumber one of the most easily recognizable hardwood trees. Some kitchen cabinets are made from birch.

Chestnut Carpentry Projects

You won’t find many chestnut trees. Chestnut splits very easily (so you do need to be careful with nails and screws), but it’s easy to work with and is used for chestnut flooring and roofing projects. You can find some chestnut as reclaimed lumber.

Dogwood Construction and Carpentry

The heavy wood from this tree becomes smooth and durable with use and has traditionally been used in the textile industry to make shuttles for weaving. Dogwood construction is rarely used in the home or business.

Elm Wood Ideas

Many builders use elm wood in construction, flooring, veneer, mining timbers, firewood, and paper products. Elm lumber comes in a variety of colors and textures, depending on the type, with an interlocking grain that makes it resistant to splitting – which is perfect for construction.

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Hickory in Construction

You can find hickory trees throughout North America. They provide nuts as well as valuable hardwood for use in wood products of all types. Choosing hickory wood in construction is often recommended.

How to Use Mahogany Wood

Mahogany trees are a tropical hardwood found in Mexico, Central America, and the Amazon rain forest. The large demand for this popular dark hardwood coupled with slow growth placed this tree on the endangered list. Mahogany wood in carpentry is rare and luxurious and should be used carefully.

Maple Woodworking Projects

Furniture builders often choose maple. This hardwood can present some challenges in finishing, especially in the application of stains. Maple is a unique woodworking construction material designed to stand the test of time.

Oak Hardwood Construction

Of nearly 300 types of oak found worldwide, 50 are found in the U.S. Oak is extremely durable and resistant to insect damage and rot. Oak hardwood construction is reliable and valuable for homes, businesses, and much more.

Walnut Woodworking for Furniture

You can work easily with walnut, a top choice for furniture, musical instruments, gun stocks, and veneers for decades. This beautiful wood has a lovely grain but may be difficult for beginner DIY woodworking.

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