Removing Black Mold

Black Mold in the Home

If you’re a homeowner, black mold can be a tough problem. Eliminating black mold can be difficult and, if not done correctly, can lead to a host of serious health problems. Learn how to get rid of black mold safely and permanently. You’ll protect the health of your family and the value of your home, without spending a lot of money. But be careful. You’re better off hiring a professional to do any mold reconstruction. Black mold can be very harmful, and you can easily spread it if you don’t handle it professionally.

What Is Toxic Black Mold?

Toxic black mold is the name commonly used for stachybotrys chartarum. It is one of the most infamous toxic molds because it can grow in houses and is extremely dangerous to humans. Stachybotrys produces toxins called mycotoxins. Professional mold elimination is essential to ensuring the problem does not return later. A licensed mold contractor will be able to find the source of the problem and stop it from returning. Until the source of the mold problem in the home is resolved, it will come back.

What Does Mold Look Like?

Toxic black mold is a greenish-black gelatinous mold. It is usually slimy because of a wet layer on the top. However, if a toxic black mold colony’s water source runs out it can appear dry and powdery. Several different types of molds look similar to toxic black mold. If you’re not sure that what you have is stachybotrys chartarum, have a mold elimination expert look at a sample under a microscope. Long term, this will save your mold reconstruction project time and money.

Step By Step Mold Reconstruction Process

Eliminating black mold in the home is a step by step process. If you attempt the job on your own, you need to invest in expensive protective gear and black mold products. And you need patience and thoroughness. You may also need the courage to brave dark, cramped spaces inhabited by toxic fungus. First, eliminate the source of any moisture from the affected area. If you don’t take care of any leaks or persistent condensation, you superficially take care of the black mold but it will likely reappear. Next, seal doorways and any other openings leading to other areas of the home. The process of eliminating black mold will release mold into the air, and you don’t want it traveling to other parts of your home. Place heavy plastic over each opening. Seal the plastic in place with duct tape. If there are outdoor openings in the room, place an exhaust fan near them to help exhaust mold spores from the room. It is highly recon mended that a licensed mold contractor fully contains the area.

Wear Proper Mold Elimination Gear

Wear a respirator or a face mask rated for black mold spore protection. Cover your arms, legs, and hands to avoid contact with mold spores. Use soap and a sponge to sanitize visible mold. If the moldy area is dry, lightly spray the area with water to reduce the likelihood of mold spore going airborne during the cleaning.

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Professional Mold Disinfection

Disinfect black mold with specialized sanitizing agents. You can find them in most hardware or home repair stores. This is critical to disinfecting the moldy areas. Whenever you’re eliminating black mold, clean areas close by just to be safe. If you use bleach, make sure it won’t discolor the material or surface. Place all your sponges, equipment, and other cleaning materials in a heavy duty garbage bag. If possible, discard the bag through a nearby exit as opposed to traveling through the main house. This will prevent you from distributing mold spores elsewhere in your house. Again, please do not attempt eliminating black mold unless you have all the right equipment, use a thorough and safe process, and feel confident about the mold reconstruction project. Companies like Sante Property Damage Reconstruction are here to help.

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