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Fire Damage Home Repair

If your structure has been impacted by fire and smoke, we can help fast. Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is available 24 hours a day for emergency fire damage reconstruction. Need help now? Give us a call. Our licensed and insured staff will never leave a mess or let you down. Sante’s decades of experience with home fire damage and smoke and odor neutralization makes us the best team for the project. Fire reconstruction may also include the water damage renovation after firefighters have been through the building. We have cutting edge equipment to handle all your needs. Our personnel is professional and compassionate. Don’t put a fire damaged home or business in anyone else’s hands. Sante serves the whole of Connecticut and is top rated for fire damage reconstruction and repairs.
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Fire Damaged Home

Our Fire Reconstruction Process

Assess the Damage Caused by the Fire

While we act quickly, we look before we leap. Our professional disaster team does a full fire damage assessment on every property we inspect. Friendly and fast, we closely inspect issues like smoke contamination, emergency water damage, and other potential hazards. Every home is impacted by fire differently. We have the skills and equipment to contain your house fire repairs. Sante’s sensitivity to the emotional impact of the fire renovation process is as important to us as our results.

Isolating Unsafe Fire Damage Areas

In residential or commercial fire damage reconstruction, our first priority is your safety. You can trust us to always put your needs first. We will identify hazardous areas and section them off for repairs to prevent the spread of smoke damage, soot and other debris. The fire decontamination process will be professionally managed. Long term, this will save you time and money. By calling in our disaster team, you will be able to contain home fire aftermath problems from spreading throughout the property.

 Firefighter Water Damage

Water damage repair is sadly a part of fire renovation. After firefighters and emergency personnel have left, the water damage can be extensive. This may have impacted the most essential elements of your home or business. Our licensed and professional fire damage services will protect you from the potential hazards of stagnant water after fires. We will eliminate issues like molds, odors, and bacteria. Let Sante handle all of your water damage repairs expertly and quickly for lasting peace of mind.

Smoke and Soot Containment

Fire damaged homes and businesses need professional help.   Smoke and soot containment is essential.   It can spread throughout the property, even if only a small area has been burned.  We have more than 30 years of experience limiting your exposure to potentially toxic smoke damage.  This will help reduce health risks after a house fire.  The more we limit the smoke damage, the less you will have to replace or repair.  Our smoke damage containment methods are professional and time tested.

Sanitization and Property Cleanup

The last thing any property owner needs after a disaster is to deal with fire odor neutralization and sanitization.  The fact is that the scent of smoke lingers and is hard to get out of fabrics, walls, flooring and furnishings.   Some of your most cherished possessions may have been impacted.  We are fully equipped with the latest options in fire sanitization and smoke odor neutralization.  Sante promises to get you back home again after our fire damage reconstruction is complete.


Sante Reconstruction Fire Repair Professionals

Sante 30 Years in BusinessWith over 30 years of experiences, you can put your trust in Sante. We serve the whole of Connecticut with our fast disaster services. Specializing in fire damage reconstruction, our professional team is licensed and insured. Our extensive disaster trainings guarantee the best result for you. Fire damage renovation and water damage repair go hand in hand. Our personnel is trained in both. We have the know-how to take your disaster and turn it into an opportunity today.

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