Rebuilding after a Fire

Fire Damage Reconstruction

You can be safe, cautious, and aware of how to prevent fires and still suffer from one. Fire damage reconstruction is a tragic ordeal. No matter how much prevention you put into place, fires happen. The process of rebuilding after a fire is emotionally devastating and can be expensive for homeowners. Specialized fire damage reconstruction contractors will work with your homeowner’s insurance to discover the best possible outcome for you.

Your first step should always be to establish the safety of anyone who lives in the fire damaged house. In this situation, we highly recommended calling in a professional fire damage specialist to help you begin the process of creating a plan for after the fire. We have some recommendations below.

Fire Reconstruction Safety

First and foremost, do not enter your home until you are given permission from the emergency teams. Even if the cosmetic damage to your home is small, the fire damaged house may have been compromised. Water from firefighters may have damaged structural elements, flooring, and electrical systems. Always ensure utilities are off until safety is established.

There could be many issues like toxic smoke and soot damage. Often, latent problems like asbestos and lead paint become airborne. When inhaled, this can lead to tragic health consequences. Never reenter the space until given the all clear. Your safety comes first.

Homeowner’s Insurance after Fire Damage

After a fire, you may be wondering where to begin. You may be dealing with smoke damage, odors, water damage and much more. Contact your homeowner’s insurance immediately. They can advise you on the most important steps to take in the hours and days after the fire. Steps in rebuilding after a fire may include:

  • Protecting your home from further fire damage by sealing windows, doors, and the roof
  • Turning off all utilities until given the clearance by fire personnel
  • Creating a list of fire damaged items along with their value
  • Finding temporary safe housing for your family
  • Securing the property against vandalism and theft
  • Hiring a professional fire damage inspector to assess the building

Does your home or business need fire renovation? Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is available to help. Feel free to call us anytime at (844) 254-1480.  

Fire Damage Insurance Coverage

Before you renovate after a fire it’s very important to establish fire damage insurance coverage. This can be an intimidating process with a ton of paperwork in an already stressful situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is worth your time to contact a professional fire damage reconstruction service. They will work with your fire damage insurance coverage to find the best way to cover your fire renovation. With your best interests at heart, they can protect you in a very frustrating and emotional disaster.

One important fire damage tip is to know the difference between replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost. If your policy provides for replacement cost, you receive whatever it costs to replacement the fire damaged property up to the limits of your policy. For example, if you have $200,000 coverage on your home, your insurer would replace everything without deduction for depreciation up to the $200,000. But if you have the same $200,000 coverage on your house and you had $300,000 worth of damage your insurer would pay $300,000 if your policy was a guaranteed replacement.

Rebuilding After Fire Tips

During fire reconstruction, there are many things to consider. Our top tips include making sure you have a professional fire team on your side to handle the paperwork. Experience with insurance companies means the best results for you. A fire reconstruction contractor will want your work and customer satisfaction. Rebuilding after a fire can be a nightmare. Get someone on your side now.

Be prepared for lingering smoke and soot. Specialists will know how to neutralize scents from a fire from any material. They will have the fire sanitizing equipment needed to save more of your valuable possessions and heirlooms. Finally, consult with them to discover new ways to ensure that a fire never strikes your home again. They will be able to put into place new systems and measures to protect you and what you love.

Professional Process for Fire and Smoke Renovation

The faster you act with fire and smoke renovation, the better off you’ll be. Lingering problems will spread quickly throughout the home. You’ll sadly discover that odor, smoke, and water damage can continue to move through the building, impacting spaces no where near the actual fire. For the best possible outcome, you should contact a fire and smoke renovation team immediately. This is not a situation you want to DIY, at least not all of it.

Sante Fire Reconstruction is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get your building stabilized and contained. This will save you money, time, and stress. We’ll work with your homeowner’s insurance for fire damaged homes to keep your costs low as possible.

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