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Local Emergency Resources Do Matter

Connecticut firefighters are a vital community resource. Throughout the area, these men and women save lives and property by preventing and putting out fires, educating our communities on safety, and handling many types of emergencies. We all should support our local firefighters and fire departments. When disaster strikes your home or business, first responders are there to help before property reconstruction begins. We all count on them.

There are many ways you can show support to local firefighters. Listed below, we have a handful of ideas on how to make a difference to them. At Sante Property Reconstruction, we value the firefighters who prevent huge disaster reconstruction needs in our community.

Support Connecticut Disaster Services

Here are some facts about firefighters and some ways that your business or you and your family can help strengthen and show appreciation local Connecticut firefighters in your community.

1. Thank them. Bloomfield’s firefighters have been extensively trained. They have life-saving skills. They’ve learned the science and art of fire prevention and suppression. Bloomfield firefighters help our local communities in lots of ways, especially in life-threatening situations like house fire damage, car accidents, and other property disasters. Thank them with a letter to the editor in your local newspaper.

2. If your local fire department hosts a fundraising event, be sure to participate. Community involvement in property damage prevention makes a huge difference in many lives.

3. Sometimes Bloomfield and other fire departments sponsor fire safety events. It’s worth the time to go and learn how you, too, can help prevent fires in homes or commercial properties.

4. Many fire departments have a member or officer who will visit schools. She or he will help educate young children on the importance of fire safety. The firefighters also tell school children how to react in case of a fire. In Bloomfield or elsewhere, encourage your local schools to participate in these types of fire safety programs. Children love to learn about firefighters and how important they are as members of a community.

5. Volunteer fire departments often have limited financial resources. Local businesses, families, and individuals often find ways to support their department by performing important tasks like:
• Hosting a fire safety event at your local community organization
• Teaching fire damage safety to children
• Encouraging people to install smoke alarms in their homes
• Offering to maintain the department’s website and social media efforts
• Distributing the fire department’s disaster preparedness materials
• Providing refreshments to first responders during major disaster events
• Cooking for the fire department’s on-duty staff
• Helping maintain the fire station and grounds (painting, carpentry, etc.)
• Donating services so the department can devote more financial resources to fire prevention
• Spreading the word about the fire department’s resources (the Bloomfield Fire Department has a website with eight pages full of material on fire prevention and even a Kids’ Corner.)

Do you have a fire damaged home or business? Sante Property Damage Reconstruction is always available to help rebuild after fire loss. Feel free to call us anytime at (844) 254-1480.  

6. The famous stop, drop, and roll skill is taught to children at various ages so that they have the skills to put out a fire on their bodies if needed. Make sure children in your community learn that skill.

7. You can make a huge impact by becoming a volunteer firefighter. Ask if you can meet with the local fire department chief and discuss what’s involved in volunteering.

8. Fire Prevention Week is the Sunday through Saturday period that includes October 9. For example, in 2018 Fire Prevention Week is October 7-13. Check with your local fire department to see how you can help celebrate that week.

9. Investigate resources like the Firefighters Support Foundation. This foundation produces and distributes advanced, life-saving training programs free of charge to firefighters, rescue crews, and EMS personnel.

10. Whether you live or work in Bloomfield, Enfield, or another town, the best advice is to contact your local fire department to find out what specific needs they have.

Most Fire Departments Are All Volunteer

In the United States, 69 percent of firefighters are volunteers. Rural towns in particular could not survive without these dedicated men and women. Out of 29,980 fire departments in the United States, 19,915 are totally volunteer. Volunteer firemen and women have to attend hours of rigorous training. Many times they purchase their own gear. To fund the disaster departments, the firefighters have to put on fundraising activities. In addition to hours spent fighting fires and training, they are expected to raise money to buy the equipment necessary to fight fires.

And remember this quotation:
“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” — Sherry Anderson

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